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Bob Rowan(non-registered)
Hi Molly: I met you at the State Fair when you were there for the WALK WITH THE JUDGES.
I was one of them and asked you about doing photoshop. I looked through your portfolio today and there are many very fine images. When you have a chance, please give me a call and we can talk about my photoshop needs. Thanks. Bob Rowan
253 682 9692
Mary Ann Kenney(non-registered)
A friend saw your work at a rodeo on the 4th of July and was very impressed. She knows I love horsed so she sent me a note card. Your photos are gorgeous! I too am very impressed!
P C Chang(non-registered)
I saw some of your photos at the St. Paul Rodeo.
They are beautiful.
It was great seeing your beautiful work at the St. Paul Rodeo this weekend .
Molly obrien(non-registered)
I looked up because that is my name but you take some very nice pictures. (:
Carol Wright(non-registered)
Impressive photos, Molly! Congratulations and good luck with your show. I'm at Darcy's in NC and saw your announcement! Carol
Jay Karai(non-registered)
Your Kenya images and Yellowstone images in winter are absolutely stunning.
Asante Sana for sharing your intimacy with nature and cherished memories through your photography for all of us to enjoy. Kudos to you.
Kate Miner(non-registered)
Absolutely stunning images, Molly. I love your new work from Wyoming. Fabulous.
Jason Herriman(non-registered)
What an amazing set of photos. What a trip that must have been.
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